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Friday, April 22, 2011

One World One Art

In February, it had the pleasure of participating in One World One Heart.  This is a huge blog event hosted by the amazing Lisa Swifka of Whimsical Bohemian that had been running for the past 5 years.  Participants would visit the blogs of other participants, introduce themselves and have the opportunity to win a lovely giveaway prize. 

With over 800 bloggers participating, it was wonderful to meet so many artistic and amazing people!  I even had the surprise of winning an adorable necklace!  

There was some good news and bad news with regard to OWOH.  The bad news was it was the final year for One World One Heart.  The good news?  Next year will be the first ever One World One Art.  What is the difference you ask?  Well, there are a few differences, thought subtle.  Read on to find out more...

The exact date of the One World One Art will be announced toward the end of the year, but most likely it will occur in February sometime.  The event is still quite a ways away.  And this information is exceptionally early. But I am sharing this now to give other bloggers an opportunity to have the heads up ahead of time.

Some things that Lisa makes very clear about One World One Art are:

It is NOT a blog hop
It is NOT about blog candy
It is NOT a carnival
It is NOT a festival
It is NOT a swap
It is NOT a challenge

It is "An International Blogwide Art Event" - plain and simple!!! 

This event is NOT just about having the potential to win something. Although we all like that aspect it is NOT the driving force behind this event......this is about finding artists/artisans/creative people and seeing what they do. It's about finding inspiration and connections with others. This is a chance to turn up your artistic light for others to see and you to see theirs.

Another thing Lisa makes very clear is that you must be and ACTIVE blogger.  

The gift giveaway is probably the biggest difference between One World One Art and One World One Heart.

Previously, the gift giveaway was required to be handmade.  With this new event it IS a requirement and there is another requirement as well...your giveaway must be created in the art form of the "artistic passion, whether that is art, crochet, jewelry, you name it.  It is your passion.

The idea is for people to stop by, read about you, see your art, read about your artistic passion - leave a comment  with a chance to win a piece of that persons "art" they can follow back to you and perhaps create a connection.

The next newsletter for ONE WORLD ONE ART will be coming out in about 3 months or so, and Lisa will hopefully have the new logo ready!  If you are a blogger and are interested in participating, and you have not yet signed up for the newsletter, you can do so here...

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  1. I'm glad that you will be participating. I am hoping to, as well. It will be fun! Theresa


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