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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Painting on Glass Tutorial

This year, I decided to paint some wine glasses to give for Christmas gifts.  Everybody seemed to be really happy with them :)  It was hard to take good pictures, the final picture didn't really do them justice.   They transparency of the glass made the colors so lively and fresh.

These were so much fun to paint...I tried to keep the process fun and simple.  Allowing the colors to mingle together on the glass created a pretty watercolor effect.

When I am painting on glass, I use Pebeo glass paint.  After baking in the oven, they are considered to be dishwasher safe (however, I still recommend hand washing just to be on the safe side! )

Another important point is about using these paints is that only the areas that are not in contact with food should be painted.  I left any area that would come in contact with lips paint-free :)

The glass paint comes in little jars, or in a tube.  The tube paint is thicker and is used for outlining.

Here, I have used the jar of white paint to paint the stem.  I found it needed about 3 coats to get complete coverage with this paint.  Not sure if I will do this again.  One time, I painted black and white stripes on the stem,  I loved the look, they were fun and whimsical, but really tricky to get the stripes on straight!

Once this was dry, I used the black outliner to draw out the shape of the grapes and stems.  When this was dry to the touch, I added some color.  I worked quickly for these next steps.  I wanted the colors to mix while they were wet.  I laid the glass on its side to do this part.

First some blue...

...then dropped in some red...
...followed by some yellow.

After these colors mingled together a bit (not too much!) and then dried, I painted on the leaves.  I used a gold outliner before dropping in the green.

These need to air dry for 24 hours before baking in the oven.  The oven should start out cold, once the temperature has reached 325oF, bake for 40 minutes.  After baking colors are dishwasher safe and resistant to detergents and common solvents.   Check the instructions on your bottle of paint just in case you are using something different from me.

There!  Now you are ready to paint your own wine glass!  Try it, and send me a pic!  What will you paint on your wine glass?


  1. Thanks Jo-Ann! I think I might try painting some lemon slices,if I can get some glass paint.Luton only has one art shop and that one is never fully stocked!!

  2. Wow Jo-Ann!! This is a lot of work! Maybe I should just pay you to do some for me ;o) LOL! If I try it, I will for sure show you some pics! Thanks so much for sharing this! Truly appreciate it! Take Care ;o)

  3. What a fabulous idea for a gift, Jo! The glasses look awesome. Thanks for sharing how you created them. Happy New Year to you and yours!!! :)

  4. Hi Azra! Lemon slices would be gorgeous! I hope you send me pic, I'd love to see :) If you can't buy the paint locally, I am sure you will be able to find the paint online...Good luck!

  5. Hi Stacy! It is fun work, and they move surprisingly quickly because I work wet in wet for most of the grapes. Let me know if you do some!

  6. HI Theresa and thank you! :) Happy New Year to you too!!

  7. This really looks like fun. :) Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  8. Those are fantastic and what a lovely gift!
    Have a wonderful creative week.


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