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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

These are fresh of the press!  Well, not off the press, really, but fresh off my brush, if that makes sense. 

This first painting here I have been fussing and playing with for some time.  Might have gotten a little busy and I struggled a bit with which way to take it.   I took a photo in January on our trip to Petersfield Park (see blog post How to Remember Summer in January  I was playing with my new camera, and taking some closeups of leaves.  They were brown and broken, no longer the flashy reds and golds of autumn, but elegant all the same.

I find that I can get a little carried away when I am painting, and I am not very patient.  It drives me crazy waiting for a wash to dry, and I sometimes risk going back to work on an area too soon.  If its too wet, it's mud.  I usually like to have several paintings on the go at once, that keeps me busy while I am waiting for a wash to dry!  I started this abstract here:  Fun to do, it is painted on watercolor paper with watercolor paint.  I used some stamping from random objects and collaged some found material (can you guess what it is?)

And last but not least, I just finished this piece yesterday.  I had two paintings on the was a complete disaster! lol  but I learned loads about working with my booboos.  I tried to fix it with gesso, acrylic paint, collage, and even gold spray paint.  It just got worse and I think it's time I let it go.  I might be able to save part for collage later....hmmm...Anyhoo... back to the painting that actually worked out:

It is a mixed media painting.  I drew the pears from life and added this quote:
"One day we will realize that the battle we are fighting is not outside ourselves, but within."

I am not sure if I made that up or heard it somewhere, but if anyone out there knows where it came from, could you let me know so I can reference them :-)

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