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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marshmallow Day and Contests :)

Hope you are all doing well and getting through winter all right!  We had a marshmallow snow fall yesterday with huge, beautiful, plump flakes.  Everywhere you looked was coated with a delightfully thick layer of heavy icing sugar.  The temperature was mild, hovering around 0oC, it was a pleasure to be out.

I can say it was wonderful because I didn't have to go anywhere, but the roads were crappy and dangerous.  My youngest son had a blast and was out playing all day.  And my oldest, who turned 15 this week (how did that happen, anyway?) helped me shovel the driveway.

Have to say we all enjoyed the hot chocolate and marshmallows after!

I can honestly say I will be so glad when winter is over.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed the snow squall yesterday, February has been a tough month.  It always has been for some reason.  Some say cabin fever?  Seasonal Affective Disorder?  Not really sure.

Seems there are lots of things that need attention...survived exams with my oldest, which was good.  Did an intense cleaning of his room, which was desperately needed.

I even got some painting in.  Stay tuned, you'll see my latest coming up later this week.  I am continuing to get ready for Pierscape!

I have my work on Fine Art America.  You can buy prints of my work here, and also enter your work into contests, which is a fun way of sharing your work and getting it out there, too.  In the two contests I entered, I won first place!   Yay!

"Railyard Blues" came in first in the contest called "Industrial Landscape"

The second was a juried contest called "Valentine Day Card or Prints". And okay, I won first but I do have to qualify that, because I was tied for first with 8 other gorgeous pieces of art :)  Okay, I am just flattered to be included in the top 9!

There  is another contest I am in in which I can win $100 in art supplies from Curry's!  YES!!!  It is open to Canadian artists only, so if you are Canadian, consider entering!  The contest ends February 29.  I hope that if you have a Facebook account you will click on the image here and press LIKE!!  I would greatly appreciate it...And feel free to share with your friends, too :) THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

Click on the picture and press Like :)
 Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Congratulations on your first prizes and well deserved they are too. I love your Leaves, just gorgeous...I would vote, but don't do Facebook:(, but you get the vote from me personally.

  2. Fabulous news! Congrats on all. :) Your work is just wonmderful!

  3. Hi Jo! Congrats on your first place finishes...that is really great! :) Look at all that fun snow! You are right - it is much easier to enjoy it when you don't have to be anywhere. :) I'm looking forward to spring, as well. The brownness this time of year saddens me a bit. :)

  4. Hi Jo Ann ;o) First, can I say, it was great to hear from you today! As you read, I am going through a lot with mom ;o) We both wanted to thank you for your beautiful comment and we are sending you out a big hug ;o) I love the pictures of the snow! We had a big snow fall yesterday too, and I loved it! It was so beautiful! Your oldest is 15?? Wow, you are a young mom! Good for you, with the contests! I love your art, you know I do ;o) Missed you!!!

  5. Thanks Ann, I appreciate your very special "personal vote" :)

    Thanks NatashaMay! And Thank You for liking my picture on facebook, too! I really appreciate the support. I am almost there with it!

    Hi Theresa! Thanks so much for the congrats. It is an honor to have your work recognized by your peers :) And I will be soooo glad when spring arrives!

    Hi Stacy! I just caught caught up with your blog, and I'm glad to hear that things are progressing with your mom. Hopefully everything will be resolved sooooooon!!! Young mom...hehe What a sweet thing to say :) (((BIG HUGS!)))


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