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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guess What Came Today!

Magic Love Crow   is one of those blogs you go to and it just puts a smile on your face.  Stacy is a such a cheery and kindhearted artist.  She always has the most fun posts on her blog and is always coming out with new ACEOs and paintings.  Like me, she is a die hard crow lover and she creates these fun, whimsical crow paintings.  

Stacy has purchased several of my own ACEOs and I picked out one of hers just last week.  It arrived in my mailbox yesterday...Yay!  This morning I got around to taking some pics...


See...ya can't help but smile!
Here's a close up of "Autumn Flowers"...check out the detail on the wings.  The picture doesn't do it justice, it is so pretty and fun.  Stacy's personality just comes shining through!

Right now Stacy is having an AMAZING blog giveaway for her September birthday and anniversary of opening her Etsy shop.  Interested?  Here's the first blog post on the giveaway here.  And since this giveaway has started, she has added even more prizes including a booby prize...hehe  I love it ❤


  1. Big Hugs Jo-Ann! I just got home! This is a very touching post! I wasn't expecting anything like this! Thanks so much! I can see my crow is very happy with you ;o) Oh, and I see a new crow in your store ;o) Take Care ;o)

  2. Yay! He is in his happy place, Stacy...Thank you so much...I love him, he really is even more gorgeous in person!

  3. :O))))) Thanks, your comment, it truly makes me smile! I love to create and when another person, especially an artist, says something like that, my heart sings ;o))

  4. Hi there! Came via Stacy's & LOVED your crows, actually this one you have posted of Stacy's is a beauty, love those gorgeous blooms!! Pleased I dropped by :)

  5. I love Stacy's work, too. This piece is one of my favorites. Enjoy!!! :)


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