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Thursday, March 24, 2011

♥Spring Changes♥

Spring Changes 
Mixed Media on watercolor paper
9 1/2 x 11/1/2 inches
This is a watercolor/mixed media painting of my lovely crocuses peeping up around the snow.  
If you look closely at the earth in this painting, you can see the text printed on unryu rice paper and collaged on. 

The earth brings forth changes, bringing us the first sign of spring, growth and renewalCheerful, I can hear the birds singing.

What a pleasure it was to see these delicate little flowers after a hard, old fashioned winter!  Check out my front garden...we were running out room to put the snow.  A week of rain helped clear most of it away.

I belong to the Passion for Painting Guild on Artfire. Every month we have a painting challenge, and for March the theme was "Changes". (All month I've had David Bowie's song Changes stuck in my head) I painted this one for the challenge. You can check out the guild page here: Passion for Painting Guild  Please "Like" the page to receive all the latest updates on the amazing artwork there.

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  1. I adore crocuses so much. All of our snow had melted already, so our crocuses were free to bloom. But they truly do look so lovely against the starkness of the snow. :) Theresa


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