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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jingles the Wonder Cat (cuz we really wonder...)

I have to share this story about my latest addition, Jingles the Wonder Cat.  She is a grey tabby, still a kitten.  She will be one year old on May 11.  She is quite different from other cats we've adopted into our  family.  She is pleasant, but doesn't like a whole lot of cuddling, 30 seconds is quite long enough for her... unless my husband is on the laptop and she tries to sit in his arms.  He complains that he can't get any work done, but he secretly loves the attention :-)
Watercolor Painting of Jingles

Besides being standoffish, and I know that most cats are, she has this quirky little habit.  She does not like stuff on tables.  And will spend a fair bit of time knocking stuff on the floor.  Doesn't matter if its a pencil or a book.  One night she and I spent a half hour straight playing knock it down, pick it up with my youngest son's puffer. You would think I had nothing better to do!

So, this story begins with three straight weeks (seems longer) of having flus, colds, and ear infections in our house.  My husband was the only one spared.  After finally getting through the worst of it, it felt fantastic to go through the house vaccuuming, washing floors, dusting, just giving the house a good, thorough cleansing.  Exhausted, I sat down at night to watch a little TV with some nachos and salsa, one of my favorite snacks.

I do watch my weight, so I left some in the bag.  I left the bag on the table just in case I came back for more.  Now,  I am sure you can see where this is going.  I had my fill of the salty tortilla chips and went off to bed. 

I woke the next morning to my husband's hysterical laughter and "Ah,'ve really got to see this!"

Now, our house is not small.  Its a century old home and from kitchen you have to go through the dining room and down a hallway to get to the front door, I'd say 25 to 30 feet.  From one end to the other, from the kitchen to the front door, was a huuuuge trail of tortilla chips.  And at the end of the trail, right at the foot of the stairs, was the huge, empty bag .  I have no idea if she ate them (judging by the amount on the floor, not likely) or if she just used the bag as a toy, but it sure looked like she had a fantastic time throughout the night!  And guess what I spent the next hour doing... vacuuming those darn tortilla chips.

Here's a picture of the little monster:

She's pretty cute, isn't she?


  1. That story is TOO hysterical! What a naughty kitty - but SO cute! Theresa

  2. She IS very naughty, but we can't help but love her :-) Thanks, Theresa!

  3. Too, too, too cute! That silly, fresh little Jingles! :D

  4. Funny, funny! Adorable kitty and beautiful painting =) I have a little kitty with attitude too, lol. You can get a peek of her on my blog. I named her Angel, but her nickname is Ninja, LOL!

  5. Thank you for the comments! I'm glad you all enjoyed my Jingles story!

  6. what an adorable little munchkin!!!! :D
    Thanks for sharing the story and the painting! :D

  7. My pleasure, Misty Boston! Love your's fresh and fun :-)

  8. Jingles is the cutest. I love the painting of her.

  9. Thank you Lubna :-) Just done let her cute good looks fool ya...she's quite the mischief maker!


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