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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reiki Part 2...Relaaaxxxx and Enjoy

Human touch is used constantly as a form of healing, and most times we do not even realize we are doing it.  What do we do when we have a headache?  We touch our head.  If a child gets hurt?  A mother will touch, hug or kiss it better, right?  Dogs and cats will lick a wound for the same reason.  Instinctively we know that touch will help it to feel better!

So what is it like to receive a Reiki healing?

Receiving Reiki is a peaceful, beautiful, relaxing experience.  You receive the treatment while lying down, usually on a massage table.  A massage table allows the healer room for moving around to work on different areas of the body.  If for some reason it is not possible to lie down, a Reiki healing can also be done while sitting, as well. 

You remain fully clothed at all times.  There is no reason ever to remove clothing during a Reiki session.  It is preferable to remove your shoes, however and some healers prefer if you remove jewelry, or at least large pieces that might get in the way.

I like to begin a Reiki session by have the person being treated lie on their belly.   I personally find this to be a very relaxing position and tends to put people at ease right away.  Others may start with their client lying on their back.  I keep the room somewhat darkish (subdued lighting) and have some relaxing music playing.  Most practitioners keep conversation to a minimum.

So...there you are...laying on your belly,  in a darkened room with soft music...what next?

The Reiki practitioner is going to place their hands on specific areas of your body.  He or she will rest his or her hands in the same position for about 5 minutes before moving on to the next position.  A Reiki practitioner will NOT touch the breasts or genital area!  And will carefully accommodate should you feel at all uncomfortable with any hand position..  Reiki can also be done with no touching at all, and the hand simply hovers above the area that is being treated.

The area where the healer lays his or her hands is usually a chakra(or energy center) but it can also be an area that simply needs some healing energy.  Healing work tends to be very intuitive by nature and Reiki works beautifully with this.  Here is a great website if you would like more information on the chakras and where they are located on the body.

Before I begin Reiki, I like to do a "scan"  I float my hand about 4-6 inches above the body, and I am going along, I note where my hand dips or rises.  This give my and idea where there may be energy highs or lows in the body.  I sometimes also may sense heat, cold, tingling or buzzing sensations, sometimes even an ache and I will give these areas a little extra Reiki love.

There are several positions on the head that may get worked on.  These include over the eyes/sinus area, over the ears, the top of the head and the back of the head. 

Occasionally, some people may find an emotional issue that had been troubling them, such a grief or anger may float to the surface.  This is good!  If you can, stay with the emotion and allow it to release.  This is part of the healing process for you.  If you do not feel comfortable dealing with it at the time, that is okay, too.  We will talk more about physical dis-ease and their emotional root cause another time!

Some people will notice nothing at all in the area that is being worked on but most seem to notice something, whether it is heat, coolness or tingling.  Some people fall asleep.  Each Reiki experience and treatment is unique and almost all will feel a profound sense of well-being and relaxation at the end of a Reiki session.

Any questions about Reiki?  Please feel free to email me or make a comment below.  I will be talking about Reiki attunements next...the various levels and what one might experience.  Follow my blog to stay tuned!

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