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Friday, January 21, 2011

How to remember summer in January...

Yin Yang Mussels

On New Years Day, I knew I had to do something about about the mounds of turkey and chocolate that were gaining coverage on my waist and hips.  The kids needed exercise, heck, we all did!  They had been stuck going from house to house visiting family and friends for days now.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  But it does get a bit tired after a while So, we packed up the truck and off we went to the fresh air and wide open fields of Petersfield Park.

 The kids moaned and whined as they flopped out of the truck and were dragged onto the nearest trails.   It was a gorgeous day, the glorious sunshine made up for the biting cold wind.  The woods sheltered us as we wound through the trails and over bridges.   We passed the Coast Guard College as the trail continued to wind around the shore.

My six year old found "the  tree"  That big old gnarly tree that just begs to be climbed.  He had a little help from his big brother.

We hunted for treasure on the beach.  My youngest found some cool rocks for his new rock tumbler and some really nice shells.  I got to play photographer with my new camera!  Everywhere I looked I saw more that I wanted to capture.  Sea shells washed up on the shore.  Left over fall leaves littering the ground.  Even sea weed!  The sun made everything feel great, and I just kept shooting.  Poor hubby did his best to stay out of the wind.

We found tons of treasures that day on the beach.  The best being the memories we created as a family, running and chasing and having a blast.  Okay, so the boys tormented each other but even that was fun!

We had  an amazing day though I am still working off the extra holiday calories!

Big Mussel, Little Mussel
Here are some paintings of the shells I discovered that day.  You can click on the images to go to my Etsy shop.
Yin Yang Mussels


  1. I love going to the water in winter. It's freezing cold but so serene and beautiful. I always search for little treasures to bring home with me. Your shell paintings are lovely - I've often found many of these washed up on the shore. Theresa

  2. Thank you, Theresa...I love bringing home little treasures too, little reminders of that moment in time :-)


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