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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Twas the Week Before Christmas...and Why You Should Never Put Something In A Place Where It Won't Ever Get Lost.

T'was the week before Christmas and all through the house,
a great mess was stirring and and chaos did rouse.

Guests were arriving, great presents and snow,
In the mail, a gift, from Magic Love Crow!

A painting so lovely, a pointsettia crow in the frost,
Carefully I placed it so as not to get lost.

Her Christmas card hung on the stairs with such care,
And her painting was placed...only I knew where!

The holidays too crazy to post in my blog,
I would wait until later when my brain cleared of fog

And soon, it is quiet, I was ready to post,
I look for the crow painting, and oh no, it's lost!

I searched in the attic, the basement, the tree...
Panic set in, "My painting," cries me!

It's time to put all the decorations away, 
I hope still to find it, I hope it's today!

With all but the last decorations remaining,
my hope of finding the painting is waning.

Just the garland atop of the mantel remains,
my heart skips a little, I feel in my veins

I lift the garland and what do I see,
but Stacy Magic Love Crow's painting looking at me!

Thank you so much, Stacy!  I absolutely love it!  Please click on the links above and have a look at Stacy's blog.  You won't meet a nicer, more generous or kind-hearted person on the web :)  And she's talented, too!


  1. I can see why you were getting frantic to find the card, it's lovely. Such a gift to have been given, and yes I have had a nose at Stacy's blog - it looks like a fun blog.

  2. Love the poem and love the card too!! I do that too,put things in a"safe" place,lol!!

  3. My friend, I love you!! I really do ;o) Mom and I have read your poem, I think 8 times now!!! I hope you don't mind, but I am going to copy it, to keep it! You know, you are a talented artist, but you are also a talented writer! Something you should think about ;o) This poem made mom and I laugh so much and put a big smile on both our faces!! I am so happy you found the little guy and I am so happy you love him ;o) Big Hugs!!!!!!

  4. I have to e-mail you back, sorry I haven't yet!!!

  5. A lovely creation and a beautifully sweet poem!! Im reading this shortly before bedtime and seeing this was truly the perfect end to a wonderful day. :) <3

  6. Hi Ann! Yes, I do treasure Stacy's's from the heart and I am so glad to have found it again! Glad you had a peek at Stacy's blog!

    Thanks Azra! It's a running joke around here now..."I'm going to put it in a safe place" *groan*

    Stacy, So glad you got a charge out of the poem LOL I hoped that you would! By all means copy it use it...whatever you like! (((Hugs back)))

    Hi Danielle! Glad you like the poem...and glad you had a wonderful day too :)

  7. What a wonderful painting!!!! Stacy is an amazing artist and person - you are so right. :) Very glad you found the beautiful painting. :)


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