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Monday, October 17, 2011

Featured Artist! Yay!

I was in a rush and a flurry all day.  From my son's doctor's appointment in the morning to a highly important run to walmart with my oldest son for hair product, supper ready, piano lessons, then off to French class.  Phew!  I came home checked my email and guess what?  I'm featured in the Top Artist cool is that? 

So, what is the Top Artist Directory, you ask?  

The Top Artists Directory is a list compiled by Kim Barker, aka laketrees and is compiled from the Top 101 Artist's Blogs List at laketrees.  Kim features an artist from the Directory every Friday.  I feel honored to be this weeks pick...Thanks so much, Kim!

By the way, speaking of featured artist, and though I hate to blow my own horn, I am excited to share this with you!   I have also been given the great honor of being chosen as featured artist for Pierscape this spring 2012.

Pierscape was started to highlight local talent and has grown into an annual weeklong festival celebrating Sydney's Whitney Pier.  Pierscape continues to grow every year.  Paintings by local artists are exhibited for the entire week with activities going on every day.  There is Ukrainian egg decorating workshops, painting workshops, food festivals, poetry and prose reading as well as music.  

My grandfather came to Whitney Pier from Poland in the early 1900s.  He worked at the steel plant  until he retired.  Here is some information I took from's website.

Whitney Pier is a working class area of Sydney that was settled at the turn of the 20th century by peoples from all over the world who came to work in the steel and coal industries. Presently, the ethnic groups represented in the "Pier" include Jewish, Celtic, Newfoundland, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian and Black (both Nova Scotian and West Indian), as well as a small number of First Nation families.  Whitney Pier is considered to be one of the most ethnically diverse areas in Eastern Canada. Community institutions, represented by "ethnic" halls places of worship and, reflect this diversity.
The development of Whitney Pier has been going on for more than 100 years.  Since it began as a working class community (steel and coal transportation) at the turn of the 20th century, this multicultural community has always retained a strong and proud sense of itself, and it is that pride which continues to make Whitney Pier an ideal place in which to live and to work.
The activities of the Whitney Pier Festival of Visual Arts (PierScape'98 Sept. 14-20, 1998) will coincide with and enhance recent and positive changes in the community.  Several new businesses have started in the "Pier".  Park areas have been revitalized, the Boys and Girls Club has initiated a beautification program, and there is considerable interest in the summer walking tours.  Furthermore, the Whitney Pier Resource Centre has become a focus for community development. These developments all indicate a new ambience of optimism in this community which has been hard hit by the down-turn of the coal and steel industries in Cape Breton.  In the midst of these initiatives, the strong voluntarism within the community has guaranteed the strength of its ethnic groups and its historical society as the basis for continued cultural development.
So my plan is to do some paintings that celebrate the origins of Whitney Pier from my grandfather's perspective.  Stay tuned and thanks for dropping by :)


  1. How exciting is that! being the feature artist not in one but two events. Congratulations to you!

  2. Congratulations! Your art is full of such warmth, it makes me glad to see it.

  3. Excellent news!...well done you, but I'm not surprised your art is wonderful, and your painting today proves it.

  4. It is exciting Jude...thanks so much! I'll have loads of painting to do over the coming months :)

  5. Thank you, Lisa ❤ You are such a sweetie :)

  6. Thanks so much are too kind! But really appreciate your words. You are such an amazing artist yourself :)

  7. Congrats on both features. :) And it's a nice way you thought of to honor your grandfather.

  8. Yeh, Yeh, Yeh!! I am sooooooooooo happy for you! I told you, that you are a fantastic artist! You know what Jo-Ann, I know now why I like you so much, my heritage is Polish and Ukrainian ;o) My mom makes the BEST perogies ;o)

  9. NatashaMay, thanks so much:) I hope to try some collage with old pictures and letters from Poland...wish me luck!

  10. Stacy!!! LOL You crack me up every time...heheh! Would you believe I am both Polish and Ukranian too? Polish on my dad's side, Ukranian on my moms. There's a bit of Scottish, Irish and French thrown in there too hehe. I miss my nana and her perogies too :-( I have tried but just can't seem to get the dough right. Hmmmm...what I wouldn't do for a good batch of perogies right now LOL

  11. Congratulations on being selected!

    I love this pear painting! It's gorgeous!


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