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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here's My Tree!

Phew!  I'm finally back from an amazing vacation with my wonderful family.  Sorry I've been slow to keep this blog updated!  We were busy travelling across Eastern Canada and the United States.  What a fantastic trip!  So many sites, so many museums (including the National Gallery of Art!)  I have came back refreshed and with tons of great ideas for posts, so please stay tuned!

Right now, though, I'd like to update you on this project... 

My last post was all about the Trees for Life Charity Exhibition..a wonderful fundraiser started by Trevor Jones.  He has asked artists from Twitter and Facebook to donate a piece of artwork, preferably of a nature inspired theme to raise funds for Trees for Life, a fantastic charity supporting the growth of the Caledonian Forest.

I decided to do a watercolor painting of some trees at my favourite trail...I always find it so incredibly peaceful and quiet in these woods.  There is nothing like hitting the trails at a run or a peaceful walk to clear you mind.

 I started with this sketch...
Then I added color wet into wet.  The tree is a birch, so I wanted the main trunk to remain white.  I worked around this area, being careful not to get the trunk wet which would allow the paint to seep where I didn't want it.

 The color dried a fair bit lighter as you can see in the following pic.  When it was completely dry, I began adding some shadow to create a bit of value.  Because I was working on a dry surface, the dark color stayed put and did not mingle with the other colors already in place.

 Getting closer to being finished here...

A bit more work on the detail in the roots and earth along with some finishing touches and Voila!

On Monday, this 6x9 inch painting will be shipped off to join the other paintings in this exhibit.  Please have a look at some of these amazing paintings go to: 


  1. Hope you had a wonderful vacation! This tree is amazing - you did a great job with it. :) What a lovely honor to be included in the charity exhibition. Good luck!

  2. It is beautiful. Am so glad that you are contributing it to a charity exhibit.

  3. Wow! I love your process and the contrasting colors. ;o) Well done!

  4. Thanks so much! So glad you all liked the painting. We did have a wonderful vacation, Theresa...I'll have more posts about that later.

  5. I love this tree - and your other work is amazing! Thanks so much for linking into artsee bloggers!

  6. Thank you very much, Geri! Artsee bloggers is such a great way for artists to connect. I love your artwork, your portraits are beautiful!


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