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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Crow

I've always loved crows.  Some people find them to be a bit of a nuisance, you know, when they are sifting through garbage or making a racket.  Personally, I find them beautiful with their slick, black feathers.  They are always around, here in Sydney...everywhere you go, you can pretty well spot a crow.  

One crow sorrow, 
Two crows joy, 
Three crows a letter,
Four crows a boy...
Five crows silver,
Six crows gold,
Seven crows a secret never to be told.

If I see one, I always look for another, just in case its true, you know, about the sorrow.
So, there were five crows when I took this picture, but I only painted one so far!
Hope you like it!  Let me know what you think!

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  1. Jo-Ann, I love crows too! The ones in my neighborhood all know me and my dog. They used to sound the alarm when we were out, now its just a greeting call, nothing to worry about here! Your watercolor of Mr. Crow is simply beautiful. The background technique sets him off to perfection....when will his print be available for sale? Lorna


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