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Monday, May 23, 2011

Trees for Life Charity Exhibition

I'd like to tell you all about an amazing charity project by Trevor Jones.  Trevor is an amazingly talented artist who is originally from Canada and currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.  He has a passion for trees that can be seen in his artwork and this passion is what has set the stage for his latest and greatest project.  

"It really is unsettling to know that over half the world’s forests have been destroyed by humans and as I mentioned in my blog only 1% of the original Caledonian forests in Scotland are left today. That’s really depressing and quite scary!" Trevor Jones

We all know the importance of trees.  Not only are the beautiful and give a sense of peace and joy, they are also play a major role in controlling the Earth's weather patterns.  Here is an interesting top 10 list I found of the top ten reasons why we need trees from Lungs of the Earth at 

Top 10 Reasons We Need Trees

Source: USDA Forest Service

1. Trees help purify the air we breathe by absorbing pollutants.

2. Trees increase property values and improve the tax base in communities.

3. Trees improve neighborhood appeal, attract businesses, shoppers and homeowners.

4. Trees cool our cities and towns by reducing heat generated by buildings and paved surfaces.

5. Tree shade, properly placed, can save an average household up to $250 annually in energy costs.

6. Trees reduce the amount of pollutants in sewer systems, saving communities millions of dollars in water treatment costs.

7. Trees soften harsh building lines and large expanses of pavement, making urban environments much more pleasant.

8. Trees provide habitat for birds and other wildlife, maintaining a balance with nature even in urban areas.

9. Trees reduce the amount of water-borne pollutants that reach streams and rivers.

10. Trees reduce levels of domestic violence and foster safer, more sociable neighborhood environments.

There is a sense of urgency needed to address this situation.  The United Nations and the scientific community both recognize this, 
which is the key reason why 2011 has been declared the International Year of Forests.

Baille Ard Trails, May 2011
Trevor says his original thought was to donate a percentage of sales of the artwork to Trees for Life (a fantastic charity supporting the growth of the Caledonian Forest).  After more thought he realized he could make much more impact for his cause with the help of social media Twitter and Facebook.

He has asked artists from Twitter and Facebook to donate a piece of artwork, preferably of a nature inspired theme. The size must be approximately 6 x 9 inches (postcard size).  Each piece will sell for £45.  Trevor will have them professionally card mounted and backed. 

The exhibition and sale will occur November 1-13.  Paintings must be submitted by July 31.

    Trees can be extremely tenacious!  Check out these roots!
    This event has quickly grown into a huge international event with over 100 artists from 15 different countries participating!

    I am thrilled to be participating in this event.  Not only is it exciting to participate in an international event, it is an absolutely fantastic cause.  

    Enjoying some family time in the woods
    I have been totally focussed on finishing my print order, and I should have it finished this week...woo hoo!    I've been painting in my head even though I haven't been able to get my thoughts on paper just yet.  I have so many mental images I am working through right now. I absolutely cannot wait to begin working on this project!  I'll have to get it finished and mailed by early June, I figure, to make the July 31 deadline.  That will be another post!

    My Magnolia Tree bloomed!

    If you are an artist and are interested in participating, or would like some more information on this Exhibition, please go to the 2011 Trees for Life Charity Exhibition at

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


    1. This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing it. I love trees!! In fact a painting that I'm just finishing up is of a tree, but it's way bigger than 6 x 9 inches! Hopefully I'll be able to make a small one to donate and I hope that this fundraiser is very successful and sells out!!

      And thanks for dropping by! Your art really is beautiful!

    2. That sounds amazing! Trees are so important to me! What a fantastic cause!

    3. "If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!mawaddainternationalaid


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